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 Beat the Plateau  - Prof VKJ  25-08-18
IIKM  programs What Industry actually expects from MBA grads 16-08-2018


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Vallalar mandram  196 year Celebrations, Nanganallur  01-01-19
IVC - Identity Visual Creations  Mentoring for a Major Public Limited - BD & Branding   In progress

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Articles and Case Studies

  • Hospital Administration and problem solving frame work

    2016-04-27 19:35:06

  • Datawell Corporation: Case study - Policy and Strategy

    2016-04-27 00:45:42

  • Contemporary Strategic framework for study

    2016-04-27 00:41:32

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  • Super Maintenance

    2016-04-27 19:43:49

  • Home consumption for mass - production

    2016-04-27 19:39:16


Glass ceiling - Myth or Reality

Woman's safety in the work place lies at the core of the glass ceiling.

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Recruitment Sagas

Sometimes, as a job seeker, we are completely left out...

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Intelligence weds Ignorance, breeds intolerance

What every global manager should understand? There has been more done than what was said or written.

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"Like war, Peace has to be waged vigilantly" - Dalai Lama